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Digital Factory

Due to the success of the Float programme, in spring 2016 I was given the exciting opportunity to be able to lead and produce an open studio, residency space and exhibition for 4 emerging digital artists, within the main gallery spaces at Firstsite Colchester. 


The 4 artists created, curated and exhibited new digital artworks in response to the Andy Warhol exhibition at Firstsite. 


I had never worked on anything like this before, and it was such a proud achievement for me. Being able to give some of those artists, who had emerged from the Float monthly events, more of a platform to develop work and exhibit at the heart of the gallery, alongside artwork by Andy Warhol. 


The residency and exhibition ran for 3 months in total, and featured a series of artist led workshops, collaborative practice days, group critiques and events.  


The 4 selected artists were Sian Fan, Susi Disorder, William Fulton and Benjamin Beauchamp.

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