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In 2015 I initiated and produced Float at Firstsite Colchester. A monthly open platform that showcased the work of emerging digital artists aged 15-25.


Each month we’d put out an open call for artists from the east of England, from which we’d curate special one night exhibitions in a DIY soap box style. The events varied, sometimes being more performance based, or sometimes there would be more projections and video art, sound art, interactive work, and mixed reality. We also had a special dedicated event around local Indie games developers.  


Being able to showcase work in such a flexible way felt really collaborative, and allowed artists to start having creative discussions around different ways of installing their work in a space, alongside such a diverse range of other work. 


Being able to offer these opportunities allowed emerging digital young artists access to exhibiting their work within a recognised arts institution. Without going through any of the regular formal channels.  

The success of Float culminated in the production of the first young person residency and exhibition alongside the Andy Warhol Artist Rooms show at Firstsite in 2016.  

I feel incredibly proud of the this work, and in the process I feel we were able to change the way Firstsite works with and exhibits the work of young emerging artists going forwards. Creating a nurturing and supportive community for artists to develop and share work, from all art forms, and backgrounds. 


Float was part of the Circuit Programme, a four year national programme connecting 15–25 year olds to the arts in galleries and museums working in partnership with the youth and cultural sector. Led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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