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In October 2015 I took on the role of lead artist, supporting Firstsite's Young Art Kommunity in co-producing Phantom - A unique late night young person takeover of the gallery, and featured as part of the Museums at Night programme.


Phantom - A special late night opening at Firstsite as part of Museums at Night. An evening where any understanding you had of Firstsite will be completely transformed. An evening which will simultaneously make you feel your senses and take them away! As you are guided through the low-lit space you will experience the echoes of the arts gallery you are familiar with; Firstsite will become nothing more than an apparition. Immersive projections, interactive installations and mind-blowing performance will keep your expectations surprised and your curiosity alive.  

An event produced and Curated by Young Art Kommunity, supported by artists Liam Roberts and Hester Chillingworth.

Featuring installations and performances from young artists:


Lloyd Smith / Ross Mason / Frazer Merrick / Bradley Parker / George Sparkes / Jody Padmore / Daisy HP Maddie Wheeler/ Isaac James / Andi Mill / Chaz Allington Lodge / Sorcha Keay-Chaplin / Henry Driver  

Special thanks to Judith Merritt, Beth Hull, Sue Hogan and the excellent team at Firstsite for making this event possible.


Photo credits - Eddie Bacon and Benjamin Beauchamp.

"So inventive! and what an incredible way to use the building. Such a subversive use of space and a great illustration of the potential of digital art forms. I hope everyone feels very proud."


Nicola Sim,

Circuit PhD researcher

"The whole evening was an overwhelming success and installation art is definitely something I can see myself exploring more in the future, I learnt so much from this first time and the feedback from the public was fantastic!"


– Frazer Merrick,

Young Art Kommunity

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